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This single rich woman is available for a decent relationship- She is in the US and has declared her interested in having a new relationship with a decent man. She lives in Boston, in the new England region of the United States.

Below is this single rich woman’s message to us…

Single Rich Woman
Single Rich Woman

Hi guys! I am a single rich woman who resides in Boston in the New England region of the United States. I was born and brought up in Boston. I work in a government-owned establishment and I hold a key position in my office, this has made my schedule so tight that I hardly have time for myself and this has caused a lot of hassle in my past relationship with some ungrateful men as they always cheat on me when I am not around.

I am here today in search of a young honest and responsible real sugar boy who will always be faithful and never cheat on me. If there is one thing I despise most in life, it is infidelity in my relationship. I am available on weekends and always engaged on the weekdays due to the position I occupy in my place of work.

I love to go to new places, develop myself regularly and read a lot of motivational books. I am a counselor who loves to encourage young ones to live right and show them how to utilize their youthful age in doing something meaningful.

You might be wondering why a single rich woman like me is here in search of a partner…The reason for this is best known to me and I feel it is the best for now, Since other ways I have tried before failed. Any guy I will accept must be healthy and strong, in fact, there will be a medical check-up for both of us before we go intimate. I sip a little alcohol occasionally and do not engage in smoking.

I love being honest in any relationship I found myself in and will not want to involve myself with unserious and untrusted people. Please if you are not for real, don’t bother coming my way because I will communicate to the person I am dealing with before I will allow you into my life. I don’t mean to be harsh here, this is because of my past encounters with men, please don’t take it personally when I start.

I want a cute and romantic guy who knows how to respect and treat a woman right. My search for a partner is not restricted to a particular location, in fact anywhere you are, once my spirit accepts you, and you are willing to relocate to my country, I will not hesitate to secure a Visa for you.

What I need is someone who is ready to pamper me like his baby, make me happy, and will not be shy about going around town with me. I will not hesitate to uplift your financial status provided you will not have any other single rich woman whether I am around or not as I have many of them as friends.

Admin this is an urgent request and I expect that it is treated as urgent, hope to hear from my desired guy soon!


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How To Connect To A Single Rich Woman In The US

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  1. Ibrahim Torniwa says:

    Hi how are you doing am from Sierra Leone Single Man looking for someone to find relationship with am a Muslim no drinking and smoking i love sports

  2. James Kaitano says:

    Am James Kaitano a simple guy from Kenya looking for a sugar mummy…

  3. Addy says:

    I am 23 boy interested in pegging and Femdom

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