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An independent sugar mummy is looking for a reliable sugar boy. According to her, she was surfing the web in search of a companion when she came across our dating site(…). She lives in the UK and has indicated her interest in dating a mature man with a pleasant temperament that will never make trouble over trivial issues.

Sugar mummy Jasmine is loving and caring and is available for online chat. She is looking for a nice guy who would treat her well. A decent man who does not smoke or take much alcohol.

Her interest is in a loyal and reliable person who will be compatible with her. A man that will never think of a breakup or separating from her when they eventually start up a relationship.

To make your connection with this sugar mummy easy, carefully read her message below…

Sugar mummy Jasmine

Hi guys…I am Jasmine by name. I live in the UK. This is my first time here. Actually, I stumbled on your website when I was surfing the internet in search of true love. Every night I sleep, I always dream about romance with a real man.

I need someone to turn my dreams into reality before it turns into a nightmare…lol! I need a man to share all my thoughts, aspirations, and emotions with. I am looking for a loyal and reliable person who will be compatible with me.

Someone that will give his all to make sure I am happy each passing day. A man I will be with and think less of breakup and separation. I have all it takes to take care of a sugar boy, provided he will be able to satisfy my emotional needs.

I want a cheerful person with a tender and sensitive mindset who can take care of my emotional burden and my needs as a woman. A man that will melt my heart each passing day with care and emotional gestures. A nice man who will never treat me badly. Someone who does not take pleasure in smoking and taking alcohol.

I am a good cook, I serve delicious dishes and never give in to junk food. My mother will always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So I will always make sure I serve my man with good dishes all the time.

Thank God I was humble enough to learn how to cook from my mother while growing up, I will definitely have no issue in this aspect. I believe I will definitely have a good score in this aspect.

I need a man with a tender temperament. No woman will ever want a man that will get upset at every little thing. I wouldn’t want a man that will get upset at any little thing or transfer aggression at any given time.

I dislike a man that nags over trivial issues. It’s okay if he complains over big issues that are important, but not over small things that do not worth it. Anger and temper have caused so many issues in many homes, so I will never want to settle with a man with a short temper.

Life is filled with bad news, good news, and disappointments, I will rather prefer a man who will be able to handle all these maturely. Because they will surely come. I don’t want a minor to be my manfriend, rather a mature man.

I want a man who seeks to please me and give me some pleasant surprises. The one that will be happy to always hold me passionately and hug me very tight until I am turned on. A true man whose opinion and attitude will never change with the wind.

Contact me if you are my spec, let’s get to know each other better. I am available for an online chat on WhatsApp.


This sugar mummy in London has declared her interest in dating a reliable guy who will be able to satisfy her emotional needs. If you feel you are her spec, kindly follow the guide below to connect with her.

  1. Use the comment section to briefly describe yourself and why you feel she should choose you over others.
  2. Don’t forget to drop your email address or WhatsApp number she will use to contact you.
  3. Always check back on the comment section to see her feedback.
  4. Sharing this post on any social media of your choice or group will be an added advantage.
  5. She will be notified once you share this post and this will increase your chance of being selected.

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    You can msg me on snapchat

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