Super Rich American Sugar Mum Available For Love And Romance

A Super Rich American Sugar Mum Is Available For Love And Romance. She is searching for a young and active man who will become part of her life and wouldn’t imagine leaving her in the middle of the relationship like she experienced in the past.

In her message to us, she stated that she is willing to make her man the CEO of her reputable company. She has a good plan for her man and will put in every effort to make sure that her man does not lack anything.

She is a divorcee and has a son who is currently studying law in one of the universities. She wants to enjoy her life with a caring and loving young man who is understanding.

Lately, we have taken certain measures to ensure we match the available sugar mummies in our database with the right partner.

We have decided to engage them in an interactive section first before posting their request on our website.

Read below our section with this sugar mummy and her corresponding feedback.

Sugar mummy Mildred


I am Mildred from Houston, I am 35 years old. I am a divorcee. I am here in search of a sincere guy who has tasted both sides of life especially a man and woman relationship.

I need someone who understands that bad and good times are both bound to be experienced in a relationship. On my own part, I will try as much as possible never to allow anything to come between us, let alone separation.

My friends admire me a lot, to the best of my knowledge I have a good heart and I can’t hurt a fly. I need an honest and trustworthy man who will not cheat on me no matter what.

I believe in being honest and sincere in a relationship. I need someone who will be faithful and keep me alone.


Actually, I am a divorcee. I divorced my ex-husband when I found out he had a child outside our marriage while we were still leaving as husband and wife and he hide this secret from me for years. I got to know about it on my birthday.

On that fateful day, he invited many guests to the party including his mistress that gave birth to the boy for him.

In the middle of the party when I wanted to cut the cake with my husband, everywhere was quiet, DJ stopped the music and I heard a faint voice from the background “DADDY CUT THE CAKE”, the boy left the mommy and came very close to the cake stand to embrace my husband–there he goes again “DADDY CUT THE CAKE”!

Behold my husband’s resemblance, there was no need to ask if he was the father of the child it was so glaring. That was the beginning of our issue. I managed to hold myself till after the party and I signaled my friend to take photographs of the child, which she did.

Hours after the party I asked my husband who the child was because I couldn’t hold myself any longer, to my greatest surprise, he denied that it was a mere coincidence that maybe he looks like the child’s father in appearance.

He thought I will not remember the child’s face, as smart as I am the child’s picture is well deposited in my phone. When I showed him the child’s picture on my phone, he was shocked and couldn’t argue further.

He started confessing his infidelity. It was really an experience I don’t like to remember. It hurts so deeply, anyway I have gotten over it.

I couldn’t continue with him, I filed for a divorce, that was the end of our marriage.

So if you know you can’t keep to one woman, even after transforming your life for the best, please don’t come my way. I know what it takes to be someone’s sugar mummy and I am ready to fulfill all that is required because the resources are readily available.

I am willing to make you the CEO of my reputable organization. All I need is a faithful young guy.


She has authorized us to give out her number to any serious guy who is interested and has read her story and what she wants.

This sugar mummy is willing to change your life for the best if you can keep to her alone.

Kindly follow the guide below to reach out to her.


  1. Share this post on any of your preferred social media platforms or groups.
  2. Give a brief description of yourself eg. your age, complexion, location, height, etc.
  3. Drop a verified means she can use to contact you.

Use the comment section below to drop your information in 2 & 3 above.

We don’t have any agents out there! Kindly disregard anyone asking you to pay any agent fee to get connected to our clients. Do not give out your card or banking details to anyone claiming to be our agent. All we do here is free, no fee attached.

Best of Luck!

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  2. Brahian says:

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  3. Tgp batang says:

    Hi how are can you mesage me also then I will tell to you which love I will give to you dear

  4. David Addo says:

    I need connection with sugamummy

  5. George Karanja says:

    Im George from kenya i need a sugarmammy

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