Sugar Mummy In USA, Needs A Real Man To Date

A Rich Sugar Mummy In USA, Needs A Real Man To Date–She is single and needs a man to make a home with. A modest man who will respect and adore her.

Are you interested in connecting with a rich sugar mummy in the USA? Then, make use of this great opportunity. This sugar mummy is interested in having a real man for a stable relationship.

If you are interested and you are God-fearing, have respect for a woman. You are a step closer to getting connected with this sugar mummy in the USA.

We have noticed that some sugar boys don’t really read through to know what is required of them before applying.

I will advise you to read through to know what is required of you in the relationship before applying, it will go a long way to secure your smooth connection with her.

Sugar mummy Zara


Smile…First of all, I will say I am thrilled to be here! My name is Zara. I am a modest and successful businesswoman and I would like to meet a man who would be compatible with me. I am here for serious business and not for fun.

I am in need of a respectful and understanding man who is serious and focused that I can build a good home with.

I dislike humiliation or when someone nitpicks on my actions or makes me feel less important.

I want a real man that will always be there for me, make me laugh, and tolerates my imperfections. I love to be celebrated. As such, I need a man who will remind me of important dates in my life like my birthdays and possibly buy me gifts at least on this important day in my life.

I need someone who will always be around me during these remarkable moments in my life.

A man who will always cuddle me, make me feel like a baby, carry me from the sofa in the sitting room when I fall asleep to the bedroom.

I love my man to hold me in my hands when we walk around and make me feel important.

A man who will not be shy to express his love for me anywhere and make me feel like I have reached the sky. I love to always be around my man and have some pleasant moments with him.

I don’t want a ladies’ man, because there will be no room for playing games with me. I know what I want in a man, when I see those qualities I will definitely know.

I will prefer for us to be friends online to create a bond first before going deep into the relationship.

I know that is not everybody that has the opportunity to get a higher level of education. So I don’t really care about your educational or family background, as far as you can express yourself in English, I am cool with that.

I have made money and a name for myself and would not hesitate to further my man’s education if he so desired. If you choose to further your education just bear it in your mind that you will run your program from home because I can’t afford to live without my man on the same roof.

I can take care of my man and his needs. God has blessed me well as a businesswoman and I can proudly say that I lack nothing.

Serious-minded guys should contact me, what I need is just a dreamy guy who is ready for a serious relationship.

I currently live in Chicago and I am here to search for MR. RIGHT through this sugar mummy platform for obvious personal reasons.


If you are a God-fearing and respectful person who needs a sugar mummy that can take care of you and even further your education if need be. Contact this sugar mummy now for a possible hook-up.

follow the steps below to get connected to her.


Lately, we have stopped posting sugar mummy numbers along with their message because some immature guys have abused the privilege.

So we have decided to take the following measures to protect their privacy.

Interested guys should consider doing the following to get connected.

  1. Share this post on any of your preferred social media platforms or groups, as it will be tracked.
  2. Give a brief description of yourself eg. your age, complexion, location, height, etc.
  3. Drop a verified means she can use to contact you.

Use the comment section below to drop your information in 2 and 3 above.

We don’t have any agents out there! Kindly disregard anyone asking you to pay any agent fee to get connected to our clients. Do not give out your card or banking details to anyone claiming to be our agent. All we do here is free, no fee attached.

Best of luck!

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Am Benjamin and highly interested

  2. Yaaaa u look good in lolling ur chat I agree

  3. David Addo says:

    I need connection with sugamummy

  4. Kaisios says:

    Very beautiful I love you

  5. Kylintin says:

    I love you …I love to be yours

  6. Idris Abdulrauf says:

    I am idris Abdulrauf Olaitan am from Nigeria
    I find u attractive I love you I think how behaviour is the same if u can help me to get to where u are u have no problem again in your life

  7. Mongassco says:

    I need sugar mummy

  8. Collins says:

    I need suger mon

  9. Elems says:

    I am Elems 28yrs tall and dark complexion. I’m looking for a long term relationship. I need a woman who is focused, goal oriented and ready settle down.

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