Sugar Mummy In Arizona, USA Needs A Young Sugar Guy – She Is Available Now

Meet Luna, a 33-year-old money-spinning sugar mum in Arizona, USA. Her interest is in a responsible guy who will be ready to come over to the USA at any time to be with her. She is searching for a good guy from any part of the globe. She needs a man who will love her and always travel with her for business and fun.

She has stated that she will make him feel on top of the world and the happiest man ever. She is ready to take very good care of him and give him the best life he can ever wish for. All she needs is a good-looking and high-spirited opposite gender.

Read through to know what she wants…

Sugar Babe Luna

Hey! I am Luna a US-based Pharmacist. I manage my own pharmaceutical company in Arizona. I am warm in heart and have the feeling of my partner at heart in all my relationships. I love to make jokes, but consider my man’s feelings.

I love to laugh, crack jokes but I don’t belittle my self-worth and that of others. I often enjoy making my man feel good about himself at all times.

I believe love works hand in hand with respect. I will respect our love life for I know that when I respect my man he will show me more love. I believe that respecting my man is a way of expressing my love for him.

I need a man who will never cheat on me whether I am around or not. I am not against my man having an opposite-gender friend but you should not cheat on me. I considered it disrespectful for my man to be flirting with other women.

I really need a man I can trust who will love me and always be there for me. I am a big pharmacist in Arizona and I usually export drugs to different parts of the world.

I need a man that can actively engage in my business both local and international. Most of my supplies are outside the country, he should be willing to handle my business with little or no supervision.

Basically, what I need in my relationship are love, trust, and effective communication. I desire a committed person who has an adventurous spirit that loves engaging in new rewarding things. Someone that has a passion for traveling frequently. Because most of our time will be spent on traveling to different parts of the world.

I consider treating others the same way I would love to be treated. I have a deep sense of respect and will like someone of the same virtue for a healthy relationship. A man who will consistently assure me of his love for me and will never go against his words.

Most of all, he should be very good in bed and make every moment with me pleasurable. I will give him anything he desires and shower praises on him when he does things that will blow my mind.

If you know you are currently in a relationship, live a double life, or even married to someone else in a different area code and you want to date me at the same time, just stay clear! I don’t need a guy who will engage in a secrete relationship with other girls. I would want my man to always focus on me and me alone.

I want a man who will connect with me physically and emotionally at all times as this will make our relationship grow stronger.

If you have read my message and feel you are that special man I have been searching for, contact me for us to arrange for a date.


This sugar mummy is a pharmacist and is deeply involved in the export of her goods to other countries and would love a guy who will be willing to join her to travel often outside her country.


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3 Responses

  1. Baby luna I’m waidhaka from good country Tanzania I’m here for you bby your welcome

  2. Baby luna check me on my whathsup +255******

  3. Alessandro says:

    Hello. I am Alessandro from Argentina. I am 18 years old. 1,73m. I am slim. long curly hair. Brown eyes.
    I like to listen to almost all kinds of music, play the bass, the movies, read a book from time to time, travel and be in good company.
    I love pets.
    And I would love to find a sugar mummy for a serius long-term relationship.
    I hope we can meet.

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