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Rich Sugar Mummy In New York Needs Your Love – She made her request known to us in the message she sent to us. We have made the process so easy and free.

It’s on our record that many young guys have connected to rich sugar mummies through our free online dating site and are enjoying themselves with their partners. If you have not successfully connected with any yet, don’t get discouraged, keep trying as you are allowed to try as many as possible until you get connected to one. But make sure you are following our instructions for each sugar mummy request, as this will help you to successfully connect with a sugar mummy of your choice on our free online dating site.

Now pay attention to this sugar mummy request for a swift connection…

Hello everyone, my name is Kate, I live in the northeastern part of the United States, New York City precisely. I don’t know much about online dating sites and how they work. However, I was surfing the internet when I came across this online dating site and I believe I will get my best match here.

Sugar mummy Kate in New York, USA

I need a guy who is ready for a honey-based relationship. I am ever ready and capable to lavish and treat him well at all times. I will appreciate a soft-hearted person who is affectionate with a tender sense of humor. A smart and cute guy who will always make me laugh and knows how to make jokes even at the smallest thing every moment we are together. I hope I am not asking for much, all I want is a man who will keep me happy and make me smile always.

I don’t need to praise myself, but I know God has blessed me with beauty and I am very grateful to God. I am very sensitive and fragile and as such, I need that man who will understand me and will never hurt me a bit. I choose to come here because of my past experience in my relationship.

Love, respectfulness, faithfulness, are all in my dictionary. I am not too strong physically😉, but that does not mean I can’t fight for what is mine or for my right. I love my house to be neat always as a dirty environment irritates me. My lifestyle is based more on indoor activities.

I am well-behaved and would like to have a like mind as my partner(sugar boy). Little things matter a lot to me, like when you wrong me, words like I’m sorry sweety, can go a long way to make me feel on top of the word. I cry a lot especially when I am been hurt, so I need a guy who can pamper me especially in situations like this, and make my mind come around. I don’t like guys that raise their hand or voice on women, this alone can make me quite any relationship, no matter how deep we have gone.

To a great extent, I despise betrayal and cheat in any relationship I find myself in. I want a caring, positive, playful, funny, and responsible guy who I will always look at his face, and a smile will be the next thing that will come to my mind.

I love to be cuddled and hugged always, spend quality time indoors with my man as we stare at each other expressing our love and planning our future together. If we must go out, I prefer to go to some quiet places on weekends.

I have many investments and a huge number of workers working for me, so my man would not have much to worry about unless you wish to work.

Lastly, I want a mature man who values communication, as I believe it is a very important factor in any healthy relationship.

Contact me for us to know each other more. Thanks for your time!


For a seamless connection with this US-based sugar mummy, kindly drop your verified means she will use to contact you, if your description matches her search, she will contact you as soon as she sees your comment in the comment box below.


Lately, we have stopped posting sugar mummy numbers along with their message because some immature guys have abused this privilege.

So, we have decided to take the following measures to protect their privacy.

Interested guys should consider doing the following to get connected.

  1. Share this post using the share button below on any of your preferred social media platforms or groups. She will be notified as soon as you share this post.
  2. Give a brief description of yourself eg. your age, complexion, location, height, etc.
  3. Drop a verified means she can use to contact you, preferably by email.
  4. Use the comment section below to drop your information in 2 and 3 above. If you are her right choice, she will contact you through your verified means of communication and also make sure you come back to check the comment box for feedback.

Note: You are free to chat with as many sugar mummies as you wish, but once you get connected to one, you will be temporarily disabled from chatting with other sugar mummies on this free dating site.

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Best of luck!

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  1. Charles says:

    +256****** is my WhatsApp number.
    A willing sugar boy

  2. hi… GOD 1st in our heart, if you trust me, am honest,loyalty, sweet, love and care dear am looking for someone true love and serious relationship. am thirdy from philipines. 38 y/o, single, 5″6 height, athletic. i love cooking, diving, movies,watching tv, biking, sports, dancing, car, traveling, camping,fishing hunting, game, and nature. I am looking for a woman who wants to discover new things with me. Regardless of age, you have to be ready for new adventures with me, be it a couple or whatever fate wants for us. so I’m not looking for someone with money.

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