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A Rich Sugar Mummy In Nairobi Wants To Connect with any serious sugar boy who will always stand by her, adore and treat her like a queen no matter what happens. She is willing to do whatever possible for any guy that can satisfy her needs and be hers alone.

She needs a guy who is currently not in any serious relationship and is willing to stay with her to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

She always feels insecure because of her past relationship with guys.

If you live within or out of Nairobi and wish to hook up with a sugar mummy that can give you a luxurious lifestyle and put an end to your search for financial freedom. Feel free to contact this rich sugar mummy.

Now read her full message…

Sugar mummy Cora

Hi coordinator, I am Cora. I live in Nairobi in Kenya. I am full of energy and I like doing things that always make me happy. I love to have fun, mostly after the day’s work, preferably at the start of the weekend.

I am searching for a secured relationship. A relationship I will feel secure in the arms of my man forever. Someone to occupy the vacuum in my heart.

I am rich and independent, capable of taking care of my man and his needs. Whether he works or not does not really matter. I even prefer him not to work elsewhere because my company is large enough to contain us.

I prefer someone that can express himself in English as this is the major language I speak.

An Educated person with an intense sense of humor who will adore and treat me like a queen, will be my perfect match. I love to talk, walk around sometimes without a car for a distance, laugh, and I’m amazed seeing people with remarkable character around me.

I love to dress in matching shoes and dresses. I love moving out with a matching car color with my outfit, especially on weekdays.

I am urgently searching for a young man who can make me forget my lonely moments, especially at night. A man who will be ready to travel with me in and out of Nairobi on business schedules and vacations. A man I can spend the rest of my life with and grow old with him.

Someone who is not secretive or shy to express how he feels about me anywhere.

Someone that will make it very difficult for me to find the right words to express what I feel for him. A guy who will reactivate my love life and give me reasons not to stay a day without him. Someone who will always kiss and hug me when I least expect it. A man to give me hope and strength when I am weak.

I love pleasant surprises in form of a gift from my man no matter how small. Someone who can wake me in the middle of the night and give me some pleasant moments. Over the years I have made enough money, so I don’t really need any other thing from my man apart from true love and sincerity.

I have encountered a lot of insincere and fake people in my life, but that will not stop me from spreading my tentacle. As much as I know there is no harm in trying.

I wouldn’t want to judge people by the mistakes of others. Age does not really matter to me, but a mature mind would easily win my heart.

Any interested person should buzz me for us to meet each other.


This is a free connection to a rich sugar mummy in Kenya. She has requested for us to connect her to an educated guy who is ready for love and can express himself in English.

If you are genuinely interested, use the comment section below to indicate your interest.


  1. Indicate your interest using the comments section.
  2. Just give a brief description of yourself any way you can.
  3. Add any medium she will use to contact you.

We have made it easy for guys to connect to sugar mummies swiftly for free. Please do not hurt this sugar mummy when you finally connect with her.

Remember only one person will be chosen in the long run, therefore, if she didn’t contact you, feel free to apply for other sugar mummies of your choice on this platform.

We don’t have any agents out there! Kindly disregard anyone asking you to pay any agent fee to get connected to our clients. Do not give out your card or banking details to anyone claiming to be our agent. All we do here is free, no fee attached.

Best of Luck!

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6 Responses

  1. Francisco says:

    I’m Francisco, I live within Nairobi…I would love to try things out with her…fill up the vacuum left in her life..
    My WhatsApp number is +254713206140

  2. Josh says:

    Am joshua from Eldoret i would like to meet up with someone who will understand me someone who can take care of me and i will show her my true love so i wish i can meet with her we talk one of the weekend

  3. Fredrick says:

    Greetings from Mombasa Kenya.
    Am FREDRICK 25 years and i love reading and writing, watching movies and traveling am capable of giving the best of my heart to the love I’ll find here..feel free to contact me..let me be your soul provider..the best love that I have I would give it to you.

  4. Matthews says:

    Hello,Matthews here.
    I would wish for a hookup with a sugarmom around for some kind of relationship to our own agreement.I am a campus student, aged 25.
    I’m based in kericho town.
    You can reach me anytime on email address- 1995sirnin***
    Thank you.

  5. George says:

    Hi Cora,am in Nairobi a former bank worker and not yet married.Can we try out?Wasap me +254721174125.Am kind hearted,respectable and a man with foresight.

  6. Meka says:

    I just want a sugar mummies so i can make you happy

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