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A rich sugar mummy in Texas, in the USA, has declared her interest in you. She is in her late thirties and currently resides in the USA. She is looking for a responsible guy who will be able to take care of her. She has been in lots of relationships in the past that did not really favor her and wouldn’t want a repeat.

She said she has been dating men that are older than she and she did not see any seriousness in any of the relationships in the past. Now, she has requested for us to connect her to younger guys whose age lies between 18 to 43. She is particular about this age range and also specifies that she needs a caring, honest, and loyal man to love.

This beautiful lady has stressed that she needs a man who loves traveling. She has been out of a relationship for a while now. According to her, she wanted her mind to settle before she will involve herself in any other new relationships.

This rich sugar mummy is lonely and has decided to use our free online sugar mummy dating site to get the best and she is hoping to find her perfect match here.

In her correspondence sent to our sugar mummy online website, she stated that she will want a man that will be willing to come over to her city of residence and stay with her, as she has made all necessary arrangements to secure a USA VISA for her choice of man.

Actually, some serious sugar boy has connected to a rich sugar mummy through our free online dating website. Today might be your lucky day. She needs only one guy, so, Act very fast and contact her now! She is willing to secure a high-paying job for you if you wish to work over there.

Now read her message…

Sugar mummy in the USA

Hi, I’m Christy by name. I’m not going to say much about myself, as I believe that when we see each other, it will be a better time to know more about our individual lifestyle and what we like and dislike.

I am in my late thirties, a caring woman, and I have had the best and worst experiences in my life, we learn every day. I am endowed with wealth. I love pets a lot and often spend time with them and I wish my man will also like pets too.

I’m a successful businesswoman and independent and I know this quality of a single lady often scares a lot of guys away, but life has made me that way. I need a serious man who is mature in mind and is ready for a long-term relationship because I am tired of hiding and sick games.

I don’t really need a man that will help me. I need a man that will take me as his topmost priority and shower me with love and attention. That man who will make all the days of my life rosy and share his quality times with me.

I need a mature responsible man between the age of 18 to 43. I live in Texas in the USA. Any man I will choose will possess a Good Sense of humor, this will enable me to choose the man who can make me happy and smile at any time.

Any cool guy who is reading this post should contact me now for a very crucial discussion. Age and location are not really my issue here, while I put the age bracket here are to reduce the number of people that will call me. If you are mature upstairs and like to hook up with me, then this post is specifically for you.

I will need my man to be with me everywhere I go. I travel a lot and won’t hesitate to take my man along with me for any trip I will involve myself in.

I will appreciate an intellectually balanced guy who can resolve issues as they come. Someone who can handle virtually all situations. My man must be an understanding guy and also have good listenership skills.

How to get a Real sugar mummy in the USA

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(1) Share this post on any of these platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest using the share button below. This is a very important step before any other thing.

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Kindly note that you will get feedback from this sugar mummy via the phone or email you provided within a few days to verify your request and identity. Please answer in a polite manner when she calls.

ALSO: You are free to chat with as many online sugar mummies as you wish, but once you get connected to one, you will be temporarily disabled from chatting with other sugar mummies on this free dating site.

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Best of luck!

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    I need one who is available pls

  3. Andrew maseno says:

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    Hello,Please connect me to Cristy of Texas,though slightly older than her threshold am confident approaching her.I love taking long walks,anad now a homebased strategy and financial consultant. I formerly worked in the bank some 15 years ago.Am easy to get along with and very mature.

  5. TUGUME OSCAR says:

    Hey Christy, nice to see you I hope your mine.

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    Am ken please connect me with christy .am from kenya.

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