Meet This Rich Sugar Mummy, She Needs A Young Man

Meet This Rich Sugar Mummy, She Needs A Young Man. Single lady Jessica is searching for a healthy gentleman with a good heart to be her man and soulmate.

This sugar mummy is sincere, loving, caring, and passionate. she needs a man who can be her lover and her friend.

She has no kids and has never been married before. She is looking for someone who has an interest in a stable relationship. She is hoping to marry any time soon.

She needs to be with someone who is ready for marriage and willing to be with her in her country. Her interest is in a cool-headed man who will be sincere and loyal to her.

She believes friends rely on each other for support and decision-making, but she doesn’t want her man to depend on her for every single decision.

She is ready to change your life for good and give you all that you desire in life.

Below are some of the things this sugar mummy has highlighted about herself and the kind of man she desires to be with.

We always advise that you read sugar mummy messages carefully to understand what they want before you apply.

now read her message in full…

Sugar mummy Jessica In US

Hi, I am Jessica, I am here in search of a man who knows how to be independent and knows how to take care of a woman, and is capable of making decisions without always needing advice. I need a man who can stand by my side and care for me when i am down, someone who is ready for more than just a short-term relationship.

I am financially independent. For me, I see nothing wrong with one spouse being the breadwinner. I am ready to provide anything for the man i will choose as my partner.

I see a relationship as a lifelong partnership in which our opinions, ideas, feelings, and abilities are considered.

I need a man who will see me as being equal to him, rather than trying to control all the decision-making. I need a man who will always be there for me to support me and push me to reach my goals.

As a woman, I know I have flaws, so I need a man who will accept my vulnerable side. A man who will nurture me when I am dealing with intense emotions, and he won’t pass judgment if I show my soft side or cry.

For me, physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship. so, keeping the spark alive can be difficult when you are with someone who does not understand you.

My man should be open to experimenting with me in the bedroom because this will go a long way to keep the passion in the relationship.

In as much as I am ready to provide for my man, my man should be ready to compromise, sometimes giving a little to make me happy, instead of expecting me to give in to all of his demands.

Above all, I feel a relationship is all about sharing life, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t each need our free time and personal interests.

I would want a man who will always give me space to spend time with friends or do my own things. We don’t have to agree about everything, but at least, having the same values is important for a healthy relationship.

I want a partner who will always have my back and contribute his fair share to our relationship.


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