This London Girl Needs a New Date! Single and Ready to Mingle?

We just received correspondence from this rich London girl. She is very rich, and beautiful and is willing to start a new relationship with a sincere man.

No doubt, London has plenty of amazing men to go around, but this London girl still hasn’t been lucky in love yet. For her, she feels maybe it’s because she is looking in all the wrong places or maybe it’s because her standards are too high, but either way, she wants to start a new decent relationship with a good man!

The dating scene can be tricky to figure out as a single London girl, and she really wants to get back into the dating game and meet someone she really clicks with.

Read her message below…

London girl
London girl Needs A New Date

Hi Moderator, My name is Lillian. I base in the London. I’m in my thirties, yet I still feel like a teenager on those rare occasions that I get dressed up, go out with my girlfriends, and meet some cute guys who want to talk with me. But when I go home alone and it’s back to business as usual, I realize how far apart dating is without being together with your loved one. These days, men are interested in casual dates – and no strings attached. You’re lucky if you end up getting an email, call or chat after meeting them for drinks or dinner one time.

I live in London but am originally from the US California, to be exact. I’m not talking about LA or San Fran though – I lived in rural Cali for most of my childhood. While London is definitely one of my favorite cities, it can get lonely here sometimes. My friends are either married with kids or spend all their time working on their careers (and shopping). And while single life isn’t all bad, good friends make things fun too! So if you’re reading to date a London girl like me, get in touch! Let me know why you think we’d make good partners, where our first date should be, and why I should choose YOU over every other guy out there.

I like going out for drinks…London is full of pubs, bars, clubs, and cocktail lounges galore. I love going out with my friends for drinks, dancing, and laughing. And when it comes to meeting someone new, how can you be so sure your date isn’t really just looking for some fun at your expense? And we all know how horrible it feels when you finally find a guy who likes you but he’s married or just not that into you—it happens more often than we want to admit.

Most London girls like guys who have an interest in spontaneous travel and I am not an exception here…I’m looking for someone who likes to travel spontaneously. I’ve already been to most of Europe, but I want to go back. I think it would be fun if we could go on a spur-of-the-moment trip somewhere exotic. It doesn’t have to be like The Beach, but it would be nice if we can take time off in between summers or an occasional weekend for some fun in another city. If you like exploring as much as I do, we’ll make an awesome pair! 🙂

I am looking for someone funny, ambitious, generous, kind…Don’t get me wrong—I want to meet someone who I can share remarkable moments with me, but that’s not necessarily my #1 priority. For example, there are lots of ways for two people to be kind or generous or ambitious together—and those qualities may well make for a wonderful date. But, you know what? It’s great if I find that kind of person funny too! Because friendship is one of life’s greatest joys… love can only deepen it. To keep things less complicated, I don’t want to jump to a conclusion about what we feel for each other headfirst right away; instead, I think it would be better if we got to know each other first.

I don’t need a player, please…A London girl can dream, right? Seriously though, if you’re truly looking for a date in London, I really need someone like you. I’m new to town (having moved here from San Francisco) and have no friends or any idea where to meet people. Men are scum (I know it’s not just me), dating sites are out of control with fake accounts, Twitter is nothing but creeps – someone tells me how I can start mingling through this online dating site! Even if you don’t live in London (but are willing to take a trip across the pond), drop me a line. 😉

If you are serious about dating a London girl, kindly send me a mail.

Do You Need A London Girl To Date? Over To You!

This London girl needs a New date -I know that dating is hard in London. Many London girls end up being depressed been disappointed by someone they trust. So be sure you need this London Girl before requesting her friendship.


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  9. Ayub says:

    Hello am Ayub from kenya , 27yrs old looking for a nice loving and caring lady like Lilian here whom i think if we can connect she will love to meet me. I will appreciate for your response.

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