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A fresh and good-looking sugar girl in Sheffield Is looking for a romantic boyfriend-She needs a man with which she can share her goals and aspirations. Someone she can laugh and enjoy living her life with. She is tired of dating guys nearby, that is why she has come online to meet a total stranger who does not know anything about her.

Do you live outside Sheffield? Do think you can settle with a sappy romantic, loyal, generous sugar babe like her? Then read through to find out the details of what this sugar babe wants from her man.

She is beautiful and fun to be with. She is looking for a dude she would build her amazing life with. Lady Vanessa is looking for a neat, smart, honest, and humble guy between the ages of 24-35 for a sappy romantic affair. She is willing and capable of taking good care of her man financially and otherwise.

To easily connect to this sugar girl, carefully read her message below…

Sugar babe Venessa

Hello dear…My name is Vanessa. I am a surgeon in Sheffield. My job consumes much of my time. I have never had time to get the actual guy I really want within. Due to my tight schedule, the guy I dated in the past cheats on me. He took the advantage of my busy work schedule to flirt around.

The most painful part of it is that he brings in girls of different kinds to the apartment I built with my hard-earned money. And denies each time I confront him on this issue. I took him unaware and installed a CCTV in my house.

As usual, he brought one of his numerous girlfriends to my house and the CCTV captured all his dirty plays with the girl. When I showed him the footage of him in the act, he was shocked and speechless. That was how I called it quit with him.

I believe my coming to an online dating site like this is a new phase of my life. I know you will be asking in your mind if I have removed the CCTV from my house now…lol! I will reserve my answer, the right time for me to discuss this will be when I meet the right person.

I want a caring, passionate, and romantic boyfriend. I am honest, loving, sweet-looking, and fragile at heart. I am looking for an honest boyfriend with whom I can share my goals, dreams, and aspirations.

I put my heart and mind on positive things in life and put in my best to achieve great things. I always make sure that I don’t settle for the easiest in any relationship I find myself in. Rather, I challenge myself for the best. I am a very sincere person.

I believe sincerity in a relationship is when you put in your best on something that will put a smile on the face of your partner.

For me, this is the most pleasing thing that I can ever do for someone dear to me. I don’t want to emphasize more on the financial aspect because I will take care of all of that.

Feel free to call me for further discussions, you can chat me up if I don’t pick my calls, I will surely get back to you.


Hello, friends! Search yourselves, if you sincerely think you can be with her and take good care of her. Feel free to share your details like your WhatsApp number, Email, real Facebook name, and maybe your height, hubby, etc.

This sugar mummy has requested for us to connect her with guys like you. So try to make your comments fascinating because a lot of guys are reading this and would like to connect with her as well.

We advise you to always check back for her feedback in the comment section.

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Best of Luck!

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