Facebook Wealthy Sugar Mummy In Canada Needs A Tough Guy For A Chat Now

Just a few days ago, we received a request from a sugar mummy who lives in Montreal in Canada. In her message, she stated that she needs an attractive and tough young man who is capable of handling a woman.

She is available on Facebook and wants a guy that will be open for a chat with her any time she comes online.

If you can impress her in your chat with her, she is ready to go out of her way to be with you. She is into the real estate business and some other things. This rich sugar mummy is beautiful and loving.

She is 35 years old and has an interest in a young guy who is very strong, tough, and healthy. She needs a loyal sugar boy not really a husband but she is also open to a long-term relationship if she finds you interesting.

Here is her message to us…

Sugar mummy Jennifer

Hi! I am Jennifer by name, but my friends call me Jenny. I am an independent and strong woman. I will be 33 next month by the Grace of God. I reside in the southwest province of Quebec in Canada.

I have an interest in online real dating which has become a norm in my country. Many of my friends got their partners through online dating. I live a mix of cool and wilful lifestyles. I blow hot and cold, I smoke occasionally but not really a habit just for fun.

I need a guy who is well exposed to life and is capable of handling any kind of woman. Experience has thought me that cool guys often live a life of pretense. I stand to be corrected or proven wrong by any cool guy that will change my opinion on this.

My spec is an outgoing tough guy who is full of fun and likes to hang out occasionally for fun and visit most happening places in town with me. A guy that will be readily available for a Facebook chat whenever I buzz him online.

I love to swim a lot, I have a sizeable swimming pool in my mansion and a mini pool in my bedroom. I love to often play with my man in the pool and drink at the poolside. Like I said before I smoke occasionally usually on my poolside and sometimes when I go out for night parties.

I need a guy who will protect and turn me on when I am tipsy and give me some pleasurable moments and make me feel content with him.

I am not a bad person but I don’t live a quiet lifestyle either. I love to always make things happen and be where things are happening. I live in one of my estates in Montreal and travels often for vacation and honey moments. My man will never be left out in my adventure.

I have made a lot of money and I feel it is time to enjoy life. I like bad guys and find them so appealing, I mean a hypermasculine attractive tough guy who is seductive.

I am attracted to masculine men but not rude or physically aggressive. I know that bad boys don’t usually make a lasting relationship that’s why I don’t put my mind in a long-term relationship with them but will accept anyone that will stretch my imagination. I don’t really bother much about the sustainability of our relationship, what I need is a guy that will give me a good sense of contentment.

I fall for tough guys than cool-headed ones because I feel more protected with a tough guy. Funny enough bad guys are lovably and they care about their woman more than any other thing on earth and usually don’t cheat on their partners. I have dated both cool and tough guys in the past, I see the tough guy as more original than the cool guys.

Contact me if you are physically attractive and tough, I am available on Facebook messenger.


Are you are a tough guy who is willing to date a wealthy sugar mummy that needs a guy like you for a Facebook chat and dating? Here is a great opportunity for you to meet your spec. Follow the instructions below to chat with her.


  1. Use the comment section to give a fascinating description of yourself and why you feel she should choose you over others.
  2. Don’t forget to drop your email address or WhatsApp number she will use to contact you.
  3. Always check back on the comment section to see her feedback.
  4. Sharing this post on any social media of your choice or group will be an added advantage.
  5. She will be notified once you share this post and this will increase your chance of being selected.

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Best of Luck!

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  1. Josh says:

    Am ready to meet with her

  2. Brahian says:

    Hello, how are you? I hope you are very well I am a very respectful and protective boy I do not smoke I enjoy a good party but I drink very little I am very passionate and affectionate with the couple contact +573195562679

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