Contact This Rich Sugar Mummy Now! She Needs A Companion

A Fresh looking UK-based sugar mummy just contacted us today that she needs a male companion. She is Clara by name. Her age was not disclosed in her mail but looks like every man’s dream.

She is rich, calm, beautiful, and famous. Her reason for coming here is not for fun but to get a serious loyal guy with a kind heart.

She needs a guy who will never hurt her feelings in any way. This beautiful soul is looking for a sincere young man to be her companion. She stated clearly in her message that she needs a calm, handsome and active young man from any part of the world.

A guy that can speak English at least, as this is the preferred language in her province. She is willing to spend any amount of money to bring her dream man to her country.

If you know that you are a calm and active person and you wish to settle in the UK with a famous lady who is willing to be there for you just for you to keep her company and love her sincerely. Then, this sugar mummy will be a perfect match for you.

This post is not for heartbreakers and gold-diggers. So if you are one, just stay clear and don’t bother chatting with her at all.

Lately, we have decided to engage the available sugar mummies in our database in an interactive section first before posting their requests on our website.

Read below our section with this beautiful lady and her corresponding feedback.

Sugar mummy Clara


Yes! My name is Clara, I live in one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom. A friend shared the link to this platform in our group chat. I never knew one can get a real man through an online platform.

I never believed online dating works until this link was shared by a friend and people started confessing the realities in online dating. Admin, I hope I will find my perfect match here!


Hmm…! well, the answer is capital NO! My last relationship was a horrible one. I fell into the wrong hand with a handsome man with an innocent face. He was full of deceit. I am the type that believes anything anyone that is close to me says without giving it a second thought.

I don’t tell lies, so I have that belief that every other person is just like me at heart. I don’t really want to go into a deep discussion about my ex. I hate to dwell in the past, I focus much of my energy on the present and the future.

I will say I was in love with a gold-digger who does not know what he wants in life…but I have learned my lessons anyway!


I want a man who will be my companion and readily available for me whenever I need him around me. I need the company of a man that will consistently be there for me when I need someone to talk to.

A calm, handsome, and active young man with a kind heart from any part of the world who can speak English as this is the preferred language in my province.

A man who is active with good listening skills and can take care of a woman’s emotional needs. I believe any man with these qualities can be my perfect match and I will go the extra mile to provide all his needs and give him all the supports he desires.

I am a generous and calm person just the way I look in my picture. I can’t hurt a fly but I hate it when people take advantage of my calmness and generously.

I don’t like people that tell lies, it makes me lose total trust and confidence in the person.

Another essential thing I value in my relationship is respect. I see it as a two-way thing (mutual). In as much as I respect my man, he should also accord me some respect.

Someone who will value my opinions and respect me for whom I am irrespective of the age difference between us. Someone that will put across his points softly when there is a disagreement. Because I know there will surely be disagreement in a relationship.

If you see yourself as the best match for me, do well to contact me immediately!


Are you a handsome, calm, and active guy who needs a rich and famous sugar mummy connection and you can speak English? This post is basically for you.

All you owe yourself is to follow the guide below strictly to get connected to her.

  1. Use the comment section to briefly describe yourself and why you feel she should choose you over others.
  2. Don’t forget to drop your email address or WhatsApp number she will use to contact you. Always check back on the comment section to see her feedback.
  3. Sharing this post on any social media of your choice or group will be an added advantage. She will be notified once you share this post and this will increase your chance of being selected.

We don’t have any agents out there! Kindly disregard anyone asking you to pay any agent fee to get connected to our clients. Do not give out your card or banking details to anyone claiming to be our agent. All we do here is free, no fee attached.

Best of luck!

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10 Responses

  1. Brahian says:

    hello I hope you are very well I am a loving boy who gives everything in a way that is always taking care of his partner who loves romantic things and who always tried to take care of his partner my name is Brahian I am 25 years old and I would like to have the opportunity to be able to chat with you +573195562679 I am Colombian

  2. Brian limo says:

    IAM Brian from Kenya , willing to meet you ,since IAM looking for a great lover for a long-term relationship ,

  3. Since 2014,i am looking for a sugar mumy to marry i have national diploma in agriculture engineering, i am 32 years.I am from nigeria,benue state kwande local government,Adikpo Town.My phone number*******

  4. Jay says:

    She’s cute.

    I want her

    I’m black talk and handsome

    Contact me as soon as possible.

  5. i went long time suggar mummy to sex reletionship.please contect any suggar mummy .35 year to 60******

  6. Laurent says:

    Am simple , an excellent listener. Laurent Rhymeslick Franklin is my Facebook username, we can start from there( how i look).
    Truth and a big heart is my strength.

  7. Dean Anthony says:

    I will be humble to you and l will give you love also chriesty you l need you l my life see my number +23490384***50

  8. Dean Anthony says:

    I will be humble to you and also give you love and chriesh you l need you in my life see my number +23490384***50

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