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Meet beautiful sugar mummy Briella who is based in San Diego, US. She just celebrated her 37th birthday a few weeks ago. She has requested for us to connect her to a responsible young man who knows what a relationship is all about and is a bit younger than her precisely between the age of 23 to 33.

This American hot Sugar momma is poised to meet any guy who will change her perception about relationships. She made it clear that she doesn’t want a guy that would come into her life just to rock her world, make her feel she has arrived, and later break her heart.

Her past relationship did not really go down well with her as she was deceived by an unreasonable toy boy.

Lately, we have taken certain measures to ensure we match the available sugar mummies in our database with the right partner.

We have decided to engage them in an interactive section first before posting their request on our website.

Read below our section with this sugar mummy and her corresponding feedback.

Sugar mummy Briella


Yes! my name is Briella. I reside in San Diego, in the southwest of the United States. I am a lifestyle entrepreneur. I have made good money and a name for myself. My aim in coming here is to find a lasting relationship with someone that barely knows me.

I have been betrayed in my past relationship by an unreasonable guy who only focuses on what he will get from a sugar mummy at the moment than the benefit in the long run.

I am a woman of substance who sets a goal and achieves it within the specified timeline. I am loving and soft-hearted.

My kindness has caused me so much pain and heartbreak in my past relationship because I love given especially to my man to make sure he is happy at all times. My generosity has been abused several by some unreasonable gold diggers.

I have tried so much to be hard, but I can’t cheat nature. Sometimes I feel it is my call to help people.

I believe God has a way of rewarding givers. I can proudly say I don’t lack anything money can afford and my man will not be an exception if only he can love me sincerely for whom I am and not for the immediate benefit.

I have more than enough to spend on anyone that will capture my attention. We will be friends on Facebook or WhatsApp or any communication channel, that will enable us to interact and see each other face to face on live chat. This will boost my confidence in you before we further discuss how to meet each other.

You should be ready to come over to San Diego. Don’t worry about your traveling expenses, that will be my primary assignment before any other thing. I will never force you to stay permanently in my country if you don’t wish, rather we can relocate after a while to your country.

I will advise you to keep a strong communication bond with any of your family members you feel can handle a building project successfully. Because I will release funds to be used for a good building before we relocate to your country while we wait in San Diego.

This was where my last sugar boy failed, he suggested for us to buy a house in his country and relocate. He showed me a few houses sent to him by his friend who is an engineer as he claimed.

I saw it as a perfect idea because I was madly in love with him. He has a way of getting anything he wants from me especially when we are in bed. He is so sweet and strong with a good breath.

After celebrating my 37th birthday, we had a long sweet night with a very long discussion that lasted for hours. We concluded that we will build our own house from scratch.

We agreed that the money for the project would be transferred to his sister’s account that he will be visiting home more often to see to the success of the housing project.

I sent a huge amount of money for the project to the so-called sister and she regularly updated us with pictures of the building and stages of work.

A month later, on a bright sunny morning, we were preparing to go out together to transfer the remaining balance to the sister, he dashed to the bathroom with so much joy and happiness.

He has started bathing when his phone made a sound and there was a pop-up message. I was heading to the dining area, honestly, I never wanted to read the text because it is not my style. But my spirit keeps disturbing me to check the message, my sugar boy was high-spirited as he was singing so loud with his sweet voice in the bathroom.

When I finally opened the phone, guess what I saw! The same sister of his, with the same picture, was asking him to hurry and send the money for the completion of their new house as their wedding date is fast approaching.

She was asking him if is difficult to collect the said money from his rich sugar mummy. That she is given him one week to collect the money and come back for their wedding or he should forget everything about her.

It was as if I was dreaming…Hey! It was real life. I have never felt betrayed that way all my life.

When I asked, he was shocked and started pleading. That was the end of my relationship with him.

Now that you are reading my story, you should know what is obtainable.

It was really a thunderclap. But it will not stop me from trusting and spending on my chosen guy.

This is one reason I have requested for us to be close friends on WhatsApp or any communication channel of your choice before we meet.


Search yourselves guys! If you sincerely think you can be with her and take good care of her. Feel free to share your details like your WhatsApp number, Email, real Facebook name, and maybe your height, hubby, etc.

This sugar mummy has requested for us to connect her with guys like you. So try to make your comments fascinating because a lot of guys are reading this and would like to connect with her as well.

So it is imperative for your comments to stand out among others. She checks the comment section intermittently to make her choice. We advise you to always check back for her feedback in the comment section.


  1. Indicate your interest using the comments section.
  2. Just give a brief description of yourself any way you can.
  3. Add any medium she will use to contact you.

We don’t have any agents out there! Kindly disregard anyone asking you to pay any agent fee to get connected to our clients. Do not give out your card or banking details to anyone claiming to be our agent. All we do here is free, no fee attached.

All the best!

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  1. Brahian says:

    Hello I hope you are very well you are beautiful I am a Colombian boy who more than a stability seeks a beautiful relationship I will doubt I am a boy who gives everything in a relationship I would like to have the opportunity to chat and be able to know more about you and what you get more from me my WhatsApp +57*******79

  2. Lebogang says:

    I name is lebogang from south african my phone number is 060****** plsssplss

  3. White says:

    Am looking for a rich sugarmummie between 35yrs to 50yrs who is very free and ready to be with me Whatsap:+260******

  4. Brain says:

    Your contact please

  5. Samuel says:

    I’m Sam from Ghana, 30yrs of age, single with no kids looking for a sugar mummy to be in a relationship with. Please anyone interested, can reach me through my email, s*** for my personal introduction.
    +2332452***03 is my WhatsApp number.

  6. Denis says:

    I am Denis I’m a young man from Kenya kindly looking for someone whom I can share a connection with and am ready to meet and show love to you

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